The Blog

Well, if you read the Welcome, then you already know a little about the blog. In a nutshell, I was raised in the country on a small farm and now have two formal degrees and a graduate-level certificate. I long to return to a country lifestyle but still function well in both worlds. This blog is my effort to document the blending of those two worlds.


The Blogger 🙂

My name is Denise Pote, and I live in Little Rock, Arkansas, with my husband Michael and our five cats (yes, five!) and one dog. The cats are Toby, Callie, Reeka (which turned into Reeka Peeka, and now is just Peeka most of the time), Tavi (a blind-in-one-eye stray I happily rescued from a parking lot), and our kitten Penny (otherwise known as psycho kitty). Our dog is Brodie, and he’s a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix. We love our four-legged children and advocate for people to adopt rescue animals rather than purchase bred animals.

I am currently writing a children’s book about our dog Brodie. We have had some interesting experiences owning a dog, and I believe those can be translated nicely into stories for children. I’ll let you know when the first book is available.

I enjoy macro photography and will occasionally post some of those photos. I usually shoot bugs – butterflies, spiders, moths, any bug that will be still long enough for me to photograph it. I also take close-up photos of our animals. I love cats and think they can be haunting in photographs. 


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